The Hunt Is On!

Don’t Let This be The End of Our World as We Know it!

Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Hunt, Zombie Laser Tag

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, Be Ready to Fight For Your Life!

Fridays & Saturdays | 8:00 pm to Close for the Month of October

Only $10.00 per 30 Minute Session!

(10 minutes orientation, setup and initial mission briefing + 30 minutes of time in the arena)

Due to a freak “lab” accident humans are have become infected with a mutated virus and are beginning to transform and take on a barbaric form from your childhood nightmares.  Once infected you’re physically changed into what was only referred to in Voodoo myths and legends as Zombies.

These mutant freaks are human no more and far from it and have but one insatiable desire… to make you one of their own!

Humans have never seen a challenge to their survival like this before and now we must conquer this new conquest for survival and humanity. Logan was once thought of as a safe haven from this apocalypse but unfortunately Zombies have infested Our NEW Flashpointe Outdoor Laser Tag Arena. They are “Walking Dead” and we can’t hold them back for long. We need your help NOW to defeat them!

During the month of October Flashpointe will offer Zombie Hunting sessions with special themes. 

They are:

    • Break Out | The Zombies have been locked up in one of the cabins and are slowly going crazy.  Your mission is to stop them from breaking out and taking over the arena?
    • Hidden | The Zombies have infested the arena and have gone into hiding.  Your mission if you choose to accept it is to go in and root them out and destroy them before they infect the entire town!
    • Sanctuary | Your mission is to identify a safe zone and to move in and clear the Zombies out.
    • Bunker Down | Now that you have your sanctuary your mission is to hold and protect it from the advancing Zombie Hordes.
    • Turf War | A rival gang low on food and ammunition has spotted your sanctuary and wants it for their own. Not only do you have to protect yourself from the Zombies you now fight the gang to survive!
  • Transfer the Cure | Miracle of miracles! The scientists have developed a cure! It’s a vaccine that will prevent the spread of the virus to those who are “clean.”  The only problem is that your sanctuary is surrounded by Zombies.  Your mission is to fight your way through the hordes to deliver the cure to the rest of your team!